The End of Age, My Life of Faith, Heaven, and Hell

The content of the following article was written on behalf of God and Jesus by the chairman of Shincheonji Church of Jesus based on the Bible for the public good to offer the biblical knowledge to churches and congregations. Based on Jesus's command to "let your 'Yes' be 'Yes,' and your 'No,' 'No'" (Mt 5:37), he writes this content to help believers and churches carry out true faith.

Jesus said that the harvest is the end of the age (Mt 13:37-39). Heaven is the paradise where God dwells, and hell is the fiery lake of suffering for eternal punishment. Will God acknowledge my life of faith? God’s seed is the seed of truth (refer to Lk 8:11), and the devil’s seed is his lies. Anyone born of the devil’s seed must be reborn with God’s seed in order to become a new person, receive salvation, and enter heaven. The scripture cannot be broken (refer to Jn 10:35). Who am I according to the Bible? Am I not a sinner born of the heredity of Adam? Am I God’s child born of God’s seed? What does the Bible say about me? Will I go to heaven or hell? The fulfillment of Jeremiah 31:27, an Old Testament prophecy, is Matthew 13:24-30, the planting of the two types of seeds. Do you know which one is the seed of God and which is the seed of the devil? It will be made known at the time of harvest (Mt 13:38-39). Use the Bible to show the difference. Wheat-like believers born of God’s seed will enter heaven (Rv 14:1-5, 14-16), and those born with the devil’s seed will receive judgment outside the city and enter the fiery lake (Rv 14:17-20, 21:8). The time that these events fulfill is none other than today. Jesus spoke of the promises of the New Testament beforehand so we may see and believe them when they fulfill (Jn 14:29). However, people do not think the lies they are in are wrong. They are hostile to Shincheonji—who are trying to awaken them of their faults—because their sins and lies are exposed. One must understand the purpose of the Bible to do God’s will and enter heaven (Mt 7:21). We, Shincheonji, are the city of truth. Like John and Paul, everyone in Shincheonji has mastered the Bible and can connect with one another through the understanding of the revelation. Do not be fooled by lies. An intelligent believer is one who verifies the scriptures, who is born again with the truth, and enters heaven.